Unit Monday: The Returned

This time we have the most basic unit from Dr. Tuoni’s Faction: the Returned.

The Returned are the main reason why Tuoni, a brilliant scientist, got sacked from the Technocrat union. His experiments and solutions where all the time crossing the faint moral border that this faction exercised.

The main idea behind this unit was to utilize cheap resources to scavenge and hoard multiple resources from destroyed cities, battlefields, and of course starship wrecks. In order to avoid investing too many goods to establish a new outpost, Tuoni uses just a few. He takes bodies from dead combatants and implants them with a power source, then replaces any broken limbs with robotic counter parts and sends them to collect salvage. He is basically creating zombies.

Examples of the Returned. The power source is linked directly into the spine.
Examples of the Returned. The power source is linked directly into the spine.

The Returned are still decaying and even more so with the energy source they use. Therefore they will tend to be recycled once they get salvage recollection going. And by recycle we mean that the Returned will be replaced in their totality with robotic parts transforming them to a Droid of The Line.

They are by far the least aggressive entities of the battlefield. These Returned are controlled only for the purpose of collecting salvage, they lack weaponry and are very clumsy. Moreover the unstable power source tends to make them even weaker. They will defend themselves when under attack, but they can surely be beat by anyone.

The bodies used are usually Khareni soldiers or civilians, Resenea warriors, and even Exiled Infantrymen; (they cut down the torso of these first -if they are still attached -).






Note: bear in mind that these unit showcase can experience changes. This may not be the final product.