Unit Monday: The Mech

Hello and welcome to another Unit Monday, today we feature the Heavy Assault Mechanized Exoskeleton Suit, or Mech for short, from the Traditionalists faction. These guys represent the true form of Mechanized Infantry.

The Mechanized Infantry, are basically walking tanks, the idea was to provide one soldier with more or less the same capabilities a soldier has, with those a light tank would have, the result: the Heavy Assault Mechanized Exoskeleton Suit.

They are very heavily reinforced suits, and the most powerful exoskeletons, in the Khareni Military, which grant infantry more capabilities. They form what we now call the mechanized infantry, and they improved a regular soldier providing extra speed, resistance, protection, battlefield analysis and firepower.

They represent a big investment because of all the equipment they carry with them. With the battlefield analysis tools and the communication devises most of their missions end in success, and let’s not forget the firepower. Built in a modular fashion, the mechs gain the ability to be able to be adapted pre-scenario to better fulfill their role in battle.

The specific version most seen would be that with the Gatling gun. The Gatling gun mounted in one arm allows the warrior to suppress the enemy with constant shots. This is made possible by the lack of need to use physical rounds; these are made by electro-magnets which produce the rounds, a ball of plasma, therefore they are virtually unstoppable munitions-wise, this is, if they never ran out of power. Moreover with their targeting system, they can predict enemy movement granting them the ability to shoot them where they are going to be.


Still, more often than not, these Suits are usually used by platoons of 10 soldiers, this is due to the specific roll each infantrymen may fulfill.











ficha MECH-01


Note: bear in mind that these unit showcase can experience changes. This may not be the final product.