Unit Monday: The Exiled Infantry

Ahoy! today we bring you the Infantry the main unit for the Exiled Faction

The Infantry units are evolutionary products. They are the upgraded –yet unfinished- version of the original Taugars. When the Drone was destroyed, they were the most common of the Exiled products, they were meant to be the civilian population, and as a matter of fact some of the still are, but now, with war on many fronts fresh units are needed. With rigorous training programs, these used-to-be-civilians are turning into decent infantry units, with great capabilities. Still, you can still see differences between bios regular infantry from any other factions and the Exiled version; their strong suit are the powerful muscles on both, the legs and arms, these fellows pack a hell of a punch.turan

Moreover some body parts are sometimes replaced by bionic counterparts, these replacements, are half bio and half manufactured. The body parts replaced are usually causalities of war or parts with a natural malfunction byproduct of the cloning. They carry some armor, to cover their bodies, but the whole percentage covered is not that great. They do use some head protection, this crude looking masks are actually really complete. They provide much needed field analysis for the Infantry, and of course, much needed head protection. Over their backs they carry spikes to dissuade someone to “mount” them and attack them from a blind spot.

They are the lords of suppression. Almost all of the Infantry units carry heavy Gatling guns with them, with thousands of rounds covering their bodies when they leave for a mission. They will rip everything to shreds.