The Arm Insight N°1: Shedding the body

The Arm is a very distinctive faction, because most of their people are not biological anymore; in this Insight we will tell the story of how the Arm came to be.

Khareni society was based on a type of distribution of power known as the States of the Realm; these states where the Politicians, the Military, the Scientists and the Workers. The idea of this system is to have the powers differentiated and apart. But up to the days prior to the bombardment, this system was corrupt and old, with some States abusing others –mainly the Scientists-. The idea is that the workers provide the necessary sustenance for the Scientists, Military and Political States, The Military provide Security, The Politicians Provide Law, and the Scientists Advancement. But in truth the Politicians and the Military where used to being on top, being the one calling the shots, and making things work according to their needs.

During the early days of the invasion the Military where hectic, they were trying to respond to a threat that was never considered: a bombarding fleet –this is due to the fact that the Khareni still considered themselves to be alone in the Universe-. No ground units, no air units, only spaceships that gathered in orbit.

With no orbital defenses, the only possible weapon where dated ICBMs that were stored in old silos all over the mainland. These missiles where destroyed with ease (except some hits that where absorbed by the armor of the battecruiser Atuam). With a totally ineffective defense system, the defenders where clueless as to how to react, meanwhile entire cities where being wiped out and millions where dying.

Looking for an option to defend their homeplanet, many generals turned to secret bases which contained classified projects. While gathered at the bases, news of a blast and subsequent destruction of the bombarding fleet arrived to the military. Somehow thinking one of the other bases was responsible of such a feat they were joyous. But a few moments later, that joy was replaced by anger and disgust, it was not the military that achieved the successful defense of Glanis, but those squirmy boneless scientists. They overstepped from their position, and should pay for it.

With nothing but hatred and a hurting pride, the Generals gathered and opened the Vaults, where secret projects laid dormant. The most important was the one containing the remains of the R.A.G.E. Project.

The R.A.G.E. project stands for Resurrection, Animation, Gestation and Extraction of the consciousness. This project’s intention is to transfer the consciousness of a living being into a robotic counterpart. If this body is destroyed within the area of influence of a server, they will be able to upload the consciousness to the server before the body is destroyed, hence, saving the knowledge and consciousness of said soldier. Once stored, it should be able to be downloaded again on a new body.

This project was created long before the bombardment of the planet, more or less in the year 3 of the chronological order imposed by the Taugar. The idea was to create a mechanical unit with the ability to discern different solutions to different problems, just like a sentient would do; this could avoid the problems that could carry arming an A.I. or so they said.

During the time when the R.A.G.E. project was developed, before the bombardment, and was making its first steps, the first trials were made upon some predatory fauna of Glanis, the units created where dubbed “Beasts” –very unimaginative-. These unit also had some programing written into them to control the very nature of the beast (after all they wanted to be able to command it). When news got out to the public, general outcry set the public on the warpath against projects such as these. Therefore all these types of projects where shutdown and orders where to destroy the knowledge. Thing is, some undisciplined Generals saw fit to just hide these on remote vaults.

Coming back to bombardment days, after seceding from the central government the various military personnel decided to follow different leaders in order to fulfill their vengeance. Within the Arm you can find a plethora of people, most of the personnel comes from the military, but you can find many others from different states, even from the scientific state. While there are a lot of disgruntled military not all of them have chosen to undertake the R.A.G.E. project. Some of them are not war-ready personnel, some are clerks, and bureaucrats that used to work under the military, and now decided to join the Arm factions. Some others are civilians that see the Arm as the most pure of the Khareni ideals.

With the break up from the central government the generals that seceded created a Warlord Utopia in which the community under them would follow just because of loyalty. With this new idea of command, in which personnel follows different leaders, friction began to arise within the Arm, tension rose when different generals tried to impose their point of view on how things should be managed. Discrepancies appeared, which in turned evolved into open criticism, and ended with open war. Just a few days of the creation of the Arm, the power hungry generals began to war each other in order to see who would reign over them. Realizing that they were only hurting their cause, in the long run, it was established that each general was on its own, and everyone was given the secrets of the Vaults.

Culturally the Arm is not that different from the Khareni, they are in fact much like them. The main difference would be the lack of the other States. They now oversee every single aspect within their domain, from farming to missile design. This method of militarization has proven to be very effective, improving output of every area by at least 5%, even more, the ones that managed these things are happy with the new way of life. Recognition for your value is one of the most treasured assets within the Arm. One other aspect would be those soldiers that agreed to transfer their consciousness to new military hardware. These soldiers seem to be adapting to their new bodies by shedding off some of their feelings. They are colder, and don’t react to emotions as Sentients would do. You can see this by how objectives are established. This is more obvious the more resurrections a soldier goes through. The main reality about this change in conduct is the lack of hormone induced change in patterns, and other such biological induced decision making, such as fight or flight. With the lack of hormones the decision is more logical and less biologically based.