Technocrat Insight Nº1: the Rapture

The Technocrat faction is a direct result from the shattering of Khareni society and its inner working before the invasion took place.

Before the invasion there was a clear division in Khareni society known as States of the Realm; this where: the Politicians, the Military, the Scientists, and the Workers.

Scientists where highly regarded in the Khareni world, but they were not regarded as people, but as tools to be used to propel oneself to power. The real way the states of Politicians and Military depicted scientists was that of nonchalant fashion. Yes they existed but nobody really cared for the scientist’s ideas or well-being. There was always a duality when scientists where presented, they were always treated like grand saviors –this was done in order to avoid the fourth estate, the workers, to know the truth-, but when presentations were done, the contractors would lock scientists up in confined laboratories till the research was done. This was due to the fact that Scientist actually saved the planet once. The planet was undergoing an uncontrollable greenhouse effect which threaten the whole world, but thanks to research, the development of fusion power, and massive air scrubbers the problem was solved. This of course brought a ton o attention to scientists, on the other hand the old estates of Politicians and Military personnel where disgruntled because scientists gaining popularity meant they could lose power.

In order to avoid that, they orchestrated presentations and ways of making public adulation to the scientists while behind closed doors they would encase them and deprive them of freedom.

Therefore, today, people with power and money who could actually finance the research done by these scientists are usually cruel and tended to have a relation in which they leech the ideas and discard the scientists. The irony if the situation is that the main bulk of Khareni society is oblivious to this situation.

When the Resenea fleet came with nothing but destruction, the bulk of the Khareni Leaders, and Military where clueless as to how to react; cities came under fire and whole mega-cities where leveled to the ground, millions of Khareni perished the first few days, Military, and Political leaders perished in this attack leaving the Khareni Realm with no visible leadership.

This is how, most of the scientists, who were still alive, escaped into the mountains into the research labs located there. When enough of them where present a Conclave took place, the first of its kind, in which the scientists conformed the Technocrat Union, a body in which each scientists could be its own man with freedom to do as he pleased. The conclave also convened to create a solution to the problem at hand: the bombardment of the planet. Thanks to the Conclave, the idea for the graviton cannon came to be. This cannon was built in a few days thanks to the insane amount of resources and knowledge poured into it. This is also why the cannon destroyed the fleet, but also destroyed the planet’s orbit. The cannon was conceived to destroy the fleet, and the idea came thanks to theoretical work, and was never before tried, the cannon generated a shift in the gravitational equilibrium destroying the natural orbit of the planet. This very issue came to be known as the problem caused by the scientists.

Nonetheless, today the scientists are proud of their achievement, and are enjoying a life without their oppressors. Still, they avoid talking about the big issue of the decaying orbit, but as they say; “freedom is won by hard choices”.

Once the fleet was destroyed, the council convened and decided that each could go about their business, only to be constrained by a few guidelines. The guidelines established the idea of the need to rebuild the Glanis, the Khareni Homeworld, or to at least save the race from utter destruction. It also stated that in order to achieve these goals, they would not allow the use of unsavory tactics, such as torture, or bio weaponry, etc.

Among the laureates there was a Doctor in Bio-Engineering with many another titles that included works on robotics and atomic conversion, this Doctor was called Tuoni. Dr. Tuoni was a scientist held in the highest of esteems because of his

Dr. Tuoni
Dr. Tuoni

work with the cannon, and also to the work he did prewar. But he came with a vicious idea on how to rebuild the Khareni Homeworld with extreme cheap labor; use the corpses as a slave-type workforce, known as the Returned. When Tuoni convened to the Council about his idea, they were appalled, banning Tuoni from the Council and declaring him Rouge and also an enemy of the Khareni.

Today the Doctor works from his massive lab underneath the ruined capital of the planet, from where he directs his Returned and Droids to haul materials to try to save the planet. Most of the splintered factions see the Returned as the most evil possible thing, and this is why most of the factions attacked on sight the first Returned they saw. Knowing he was but alone in his endeavor, the Doctor order it’s unit to take resources by any possible means.

Today, most of the different scientists work is splinter labs across the main continent, gathering power for themselves and fighting each other. They extend their control by the production of droids which are managed as they please. Wars with Traditionalists and Arm splintered groups are common, because of the animosity between the groups, and you can also easily spot two technocrats warring each other for some old grudge.

The bulk of the technocrat units are grandiose designs created by the conclave itself and distributed among the very scientists. But this will be talked about in the next issue.