Technocrat Insight N°2: Problem Solving

Last Insight we talked about how the Technocrat came into play, and how they splintered from the bulk of Khareni Society. Today we will go through their culture, and also through the units they have at their disposal.

Cultural and governmental aspects:

The first order of business for the Scientist was the idea of instituting a governmental system in which each member had power: the Conclave.

The Conclave was conceived as a main institution in which each and every Scientists was able to be part of the governing system, this was made possible thanks to a form of a high tech direct democracy. The Scientists where tired of not being heard, therefore they wanted to have the power of decision in their hands, that’s why this method came into existence.

The way it works is rather simple: a vote is called for a particular issue, and this issue is sent to all Technocrat Scientists who can read the bill and decide upon it. Once read they could vote Yea, Nay or they could abstain. The vote would wait till the end of the day when all votes would be counted in order to know what happened to the bill in question. Scientists who wished not to vote could do so, and would grant an automatic abstention.

This was obviously possible thanks to the existence of high powered transmitters which permitted the Technocrats to transfer high amounts of data in little time between one another.

The basic idea of the inner workings of the Conclave where wonderful, and they were ground breaking by the fact that there was no representatives, but only the little guy with his vote.  Take for example to ban set on Dr. Tuoni; when he convened with the conclave with the idea of utilizing the dead as a cheap labor force, the conclave voted against the Dr. and even created a bill to ban him from the technocrat faction as a whole.

Beyond politics and the inner workings of the Conclave, we have to remember that not all of the Khareni where equals. There were plenty of non-scientists within the faction, which lacked the ability to vote, or read the bills in progress. Still, these second class citizens could achieve “first class” if they acquired some sort of title regarding any area of research, so as long that the area was considered coherent and the method was that of the scientific type.

The Technocrat not only went as far as to creating a new type of governmental system to break ties with the old way of life, they also took pleasure in disengaging with their past by changing fashion and using minimalism on everything, to counter the over populated designs used by the now Traditionalists.


Another facet of the Technocrat is the unit design. Instead of making straight forward solutions for the ground pounder units, they went and focused on fancy solutions in order to back their lack of power. Granted, some units where prototypes created pre-war therefore are more coherent than others (such as the Project Pandora), but most of them are just crazy difficult solutions compared to other units.

Project Pandora; was a unit created pre-war. It was a prototype with the idea of providing covering fire for Sentient Beings, these droids would draw fire letting the Sentients leave the area in question. Project Pandora had two set status: Idle/movement in which it’s limbs and weapons were stored and the orb floated thanks to is repulsor, when set and combat ready, the droid walked on its legs and able to fire its weapon.

The design was clean and simple, a four legged orb capable of a little lift of thanks to the repulsor shift drive, and when deployed it had the ability to adhere to walls if need be.

Project Stalwart, in the other hand, you can appreciate the complicated solution for destruction instead of the typical: let’s add a bigger weapon!

The Stalwart is a massive oval shaped almost impenetrable unit; the idea of the Stalwart is to set up a very defensive position from which friendlies may attack. Once deployed this unit initiates two assignments, a defensive one, in which a shield is deployed, and an aggressive one, in which high profile targets are set and targeted. Targets are aimed and then shot with powerful hooks, these hooks bring the target towards the Stalwart’s “chest” and hauls it to its “chopping table” in which it will dismember the enemy in question. This is achieved thanks to the powerful hooks it carries and the massive power source found inside.

Moreover it has a plethora of fast firing anti-armor guns. This weapons don’t deal much damage, but they do eat away armor from the targets, making it easier for those other friendly units attacking. Finally thanks to its massive energy core, the Stalwart produces and insane amount of shield which can be projected to friendly units providing them with extra shielding.

The downside of the massive behemoth would be its main asset: the power core. If enough damage is done it may produce a rather powerful explosion. Which may get friendly units within its blast radius.

The Zealot, or Project Zealot, is a less extravagant, but still unacceptable by many standards. It is basically a high powered rifle with an AI. This unit would have been banned by every ethics committee because of many items, one being the fact of the salves this droid carries, the scary almost fully aware Artificial Intelligence which uses; and the shady friendly/enemy targeting suite. This droid was designed as an extremely heavy hitter, its main asset: the high powered sniper rifle. Which may accelerate a round by 0.001% of the speed of Light.

The Man O’War is another example of extravagance within the designs of the Technocrat but at the same time it is very effective. The unit was originally designed as a helper droid. The idea behind it was to be able to transport and perform difficult tasks thanks to its tentacle-like arms. With the revisionism and the desperate need of military units, the Man O’War was born. A new combat suite was installed, and the tools at the end of the tentacles replaced with diamond coated blades. Now it basically boils to a self- propelled blade. It uses the same repulsor shift drive, as that found in other technocrat units, but it is always active. This drive is also designed with the idea to boost the move speed of the Man O’War with powerful bursts, this will grant the unit a fast and direct attack approach.

Project retribution is a rather common device, the main difference would be that it is not only a self-propelled artillery, but also a self-thinking one. This autonomous artillery works alone with no need of service bots loading, aiming, or setting the piece up. Moreover since its payload is based on energy, there is an essential lack of ammunition. A big enough power core does the trick.

The Arrowhead, or Project Arrowhead, was a scraped project on the pre-war era. But was recovered from old files. The project was scrubbed because of the lack of theoretical battle scenarios, because mainly this bomber was too expensive to have for a world without war. Heavily armored and with a powerful payload, this bomber deals a nice amount of havoc among enemy lines.

Finally the self-propelled suicide drone: Project Armageddon. Design with the sole purpose to enter an enemy unit’s shield and to penetrate the engine, once there implode to obliterate the unit right out of the sky. This drone comes with a downside: the impossibility to aim properly to ground units, and the extremely fragile casing. The Armageddon needs speed above all!

Unit Concepts:

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