Steamtrix is a steam themed tile matching game with a strong emphasis in breaking the common perspective of such games and applying some new game design concepts as a twist to a well-known genre.


Balash is an educational flash game made with the purpose of training new students of video game related careers the importance of the cooperative effort of multiple disciplines at the time of making video games and as a small and fast test for project development.


TRIDENT’S WAKE™ is an upcoming co-op top-down action video game set within the sci-fi universe of Chronicles of the Solar Empires. In it the player takes control of an ECHO, a disembodies human conscience that can be downloaded into combat chassis called Sentinels that fight to retake a human space station called The Trident. The developers released a gameplay teaser showcasing the game on February 26, 2018.


Humanity had colonized a small section of the Milky Way and spread into the stars as nanotechnology replaced medicine triumphing over death and disease.

But progress was halted when the Nanomachines started evolving and replicating faster that humans could endure and turned against their hosts giving rise to the Mechaphage.

Colonies fell one by one, and on earth, scientist revived old military technology to transfer human consciousness from organic bodies to mechanical ones but this temporary solution would not suffice as the procedure was complex and not everyone could tolerate it. As humanity options grew smaller the last hope was to repurpose an old terraforming ship to fit frozen human embryos with its destination set to a distant quadrant of the galaxy where life could start anew.

Those who managed to survive the transfer, now inside combat chassis called Sentinels, stood and defended what was left of the earth as the repurposed departure in its long and silent journey through the stars.

This massive ship was known as The Trident.

A thousand years have gone by and the guns of the Sentinels have gone silent, the war against the Mechaphage long forgotten and the ultimate destiny of the Trident and it’s unborn crew remains unknown.

Now the survivor of this ancient war have found what is believed to be this last remnant of humanity and had embarked to follow the Trident’s Wake.


The player can select different sentinels, weapons, skills to team up with up to other three players to take missions within the space station, these missions are generated by mixing and matching various map and logic modules and so the mission structure and map layout.

Weapons, Skills, and Chassis can be obtained by leveling up their ECHO rank or gathering in-game resources called Matheria and Weapon Parts. Players can also gain Liberation Points that are needed in order to liberate each sector of the space station.

Player performance, rewards and sector progression are displayed in a debriefing screen at the end of each successful mission.