Faction Insight: the Exiled


The Exiled Faction is one of the five playable factions within our game “Chronicles of the Solar Empires: The Purge of the Exiled”. They are center stage lore-wise, and are very important regarding the future of the universe regarding CSE. “The idea of the Exiled is to trigger different reaction on players, they are not the traditional swarm-style faction, because there is more much depth to it, their origin and their recently obtained liberty of choice will grant them a very unique perspective. They are toddlers walking amongst races that took a natural path to develop, their culture is new, their civilization only spans a few generations.”

The creation of the faction was very difficult, I did not want to fall into the (nowadays) cliché of a swarm-like faction with insectoid traits. Granted this combination works, but it’s on every sci-fi setting, and if not in all of them. I wanted to create something new, therefore we established some sort of mutants that wanted to get free, but that too was overly used.

This is how we decided to take a different approach; a faction that was born out of trial an error, and one that could not be fully developed because of fear. They are now mangled in their visages but are no mutants they are the most evolved of the intelligent beings out there, and they think as individuals.

I recall that when we first started to create the Lore for the game, we used to call them “insectoids” or even “mutants”, I am glad that we managed to create something little bit different.

Regarding their culture, we have more stuff developed than those that we need for our current project, nevertheless I would love to show what we have without spoiling future events, but unfortunately I can’t!

Going back to what we are able to know now: “these guys are just waking up, they just realized that they are the ones that can choose and make their own path. But with a galactic bounty on their heads, the time to freely ponder does not exist. The decisions they make are on the spot with little time to analyze. This can be seen in the unproblematic resolve of replacing limbs with bionic counterparts. This can also be seen on the recognition as a species, they also consider their animalistic companions as part of their race, the so called minions are as important as the regular Exiled, the Mechanics are as important as all others. Equality is considered for all of them, but power; power comes thru strength and resolve, and for what one can achieve for its own race.

While simple regarding time, the culture from the Exiled has sprouted and developed a singular style of culture, one that is recognizable and distinct from those of the other factions.

One can think of one single idea for the summary of the culture, it would be utilitarian, all of their beliefs, strategies and rituals are directed towards the main idea of survival, they want to leave Glanis, and start over, from scratch on a new world without being disturbed. Moreover they don’t hold any grudge against their assailants, they even understand why they hunt them.

Their architecture is a direct result of this utilitarianism we just talked about. Their buildings are grim and resources are spent only when needed. No need for extra stuff.

You can see how utilitarian their buildings can be by browsing thru this gallery of Concept Art.


Another topic worthy to mention would be the race itself, how it also includes beings with another type of intelligence and form. This is radically different from most races within the CSE Universe (you could consider the Rasanaki, but that is a tale for another time). They take into consideration animals, such as the minions, this domesticated predators where created as beasts of burden to assist the Drone, they were one of the very first beings to be created on one of the most numerous, they lack the cognitive intelligence that the Mechanics and then “Taugar-like” beings but they are faithful and protective. Another example are the mighty Leviathans, this worm like created to tunnel Glanis, and make room to house all the products from the Drone. They are somewhat sentient but not fully able to develop language.

This melting pot of different beings form the whole faction known as the Exiled, they all have in common their need for survival, and for this everyone understands that they have to work with their fellow products, the sons of the Drone.

A gallery with some concept art for the various Exiled Units: