Faction Inisight: The Exiled part 2

On the last Insight we mentioned that there are plenty of different beings that conform and have status of citizen within the Exiled faction. These where the Mechanics, the animals (like the Minions and the Leviathans) and of course the “Taugar-Like” beings –known properly as Exiled-.

Today we are going to speak in more depth of one of the estaments that conform this faction. First we have to consider the following: This faction is special because it considers all of its “products” part of the faction. This means that animals and less intelligent creatures are still considered members of the civilization, as opposed to us humans (for instance, we use horses but they are not considered part of our civilization, granted they may have contributed to it, but that does not make them part).

This correlation and consideration of brotherhood between different beings is due to the fact that first, they were all produced by the same entity: the Drone, secondly, they are all attacked and sieged by the Resenea; this creates a stronger bond between them. And finally, even though they are genetically different, they have various similarities, and with the destruction of the Drone, they are now the managers of their DNA.

The following chapters will contain information regarding cultural, physical, and anatomical theory regarding the various entities that form the Exiled faction.

The “Taugar-Like”, or Exiled:



They are what the drone intended to create albeit not in a finished state. They compose the main core of the civilian population, and are also the main warriors and leaders.

They stand tall, at roughly 2.20 meters high (roughly 7.21 feet), of four powerful legs, and two superior limbs with opposable thumbs. Their skin is generally yellowish pink but spots and stripes of browns, blacks and red can be seen through the body. Mostly lacking body hair, they still, have some hair sprouting from various parts of the body but nothing in high amount.

Their limbs are powerful, and could easily withstand more gravity if needed. Their feet are positioned mid-way between being under the exile’s body and outward like most earth mammals do. This is because of the need to support the extra weight that the body generates (which is considerable, their mass is around 700 kilograms). They have foot pads that contract when pressed against the ground and expand while not pressed, this allows them to move freely without the need of special gear.

Their head may look tiny, in comparison with the rest of the body, but it actually is rather big. It holds the brain, and also most of the senses, such as sight, smell, and taste; it also houses speech.Infantry

Regarding sight they vary but it’s common to see Exiles with 4 eyes. They can see visible light as well as a part of infrared, thus, they can indeed use little visible-light in order to observe. This comes handy within cave like environments where little light may be available. They can see in depth and can function without two eyes. The eyes are beady and lack an outside eyelid, instead covered with a translucent chitin that covers and protects the eye from dust and possible debris. They are small, and they can vary in colors from greens, reds, purples, even blues. The whole eye is made of the color, giving them a creepy look about them.

Talking about scent they lack what we may call “smell” but they have a detector of gasses which can be used to detect possible areas filled with methane, or other flammable gases. This is achieved by an organ which analyses the breathed-in air with surprising effectiveness. Other than that, the exiled have a very undeveloped sense of smell, sure they may detect gas types, but they cannot understand how the smell. This can also determine the sense of taste. This sense is highly linked to smell therefore they almost always lack a sense of taste (main joke within fashonistas from the Khareni).

But they also have an awareness sense, this is giving to them by tiny hairs that sprout out from the body, they stand straight for around 5 centimeters. This gives them a very coherent sense of their surroundings. This is due to the fact that these hairs react to the movement of air, and can make an Exiled ready from an attack from behind.

As regards to communication, they are able to articulate sounds and communicate with a manner of speech thanks to their articulators located alongside the neck. Their speech is composed of sounds made by the flow of air, through the articulators and also by clicks made with a specialized organ located inside the mouth.

Their forefront limbs are the ones utilized to perform the various tasks intelligent life can perform: tool making and handling, writing, and so forth. They have four total fingers on each hand one of them being an opposable thumb this grants them the ability to grasp and handle objects. These fingers are heavy and strong, the Exiled are famed for their tight grip.

They have both sexes, but up to this moment the males are sterile. They can still have coitus but lack the ability to procreate. Studies indicate that it is because they were never finished as products by the Drone, and therefore they are still vat-born.

The Exiled have tried hormone therapy with no avail, but it is considered a temporary setback not to be able to procreate. While on the hormone treatment Female developed the breasts, and males became more dominant, aggressive, and hairy.

The hormone treatment was canceled due to the side effects, and no effective pregnancies, but they still got an idea of what things should look like once they manage to activate the male reproductive systems.



The very first thing is survival, but not just survival of the fittest. There is no idea such as “save the queen”, no they want to save their fleeting civilization. This includes everyone, the more the better.

This kind of thinking is due to the bond that ties all Exiled together. And is something that many other civilizations find amusing and weird. Sacrificing oneself for the entire race is frown upon. There is no such thing as a heroic act of a single person. Chances are that you could probably survive if you move as a whole with your faction.

Even so, the individual is highly appreciated. Freedom is one of the most valued things an Exiled could dream of. This is why early on the faction as a whole fragmented into so many different warlords. There was no consensus and no chance to set up a proper way of government to avoid discrepancies.

With a way of life so new to the world, the costumes are starting to take shape. There are no influences from past generations, because, most of the living Exiles, are the first generation.

This generates a plethora of different ideas which evolve in this free-will environment.

Some Exiled where converted to the religion of Either the Khareni or the Resenea, others see the Drone as a God and their creator, while most of them just have no beliefs at the moment. Even so there are still some cultural developments within the faction.

There is a rite of passing. All Exile where tank growned therefore, when one hatches from the vat where they were grown, the first thing shown to them is a reflection of themselves in a mirror. It’s called the “Meeting” for is the place where one meets itself.

During the Meeting, an Exiled would be taken out of a vat, still unconscious; then placed on a slab facing to the right side. Right in front of his face a mirror would be placed in order for the Exiled to first be able to open up his eyes and see its own reflection. After a few seconds the mirror is removed and makes way to a view inside the room in which multiple persons and animals await the new arrival. The idea is to imprint that only yourself can achieve and take care of you; and at the same time you are part of something greater. You are as important as the whole.

The Bond is another interesting feature that this faction fields. It is called the Bond because it is one; between the Intelligent beings and the animals from the faction. They understand each other and are an intrinsic part of their faction. The Bond determined that animals and intelligent beings are all Exiled and thus, share the same rights.

Even though they share the same rights, this does not mean they share the same possibilities in status. Exiled and Mechanics are the only ones that may obtain status as leaders and or researchers of any kind. While animals are still animals, they were designed to understand commands and perform simple tasks, therefore communication with them is possible, within reason of course. As a matter of fact, the animals can choose their employment by passing the rite of “Service”.

The rite of service is dedicated for all Exiles, but regarding animals. It is basically an aisle with two possible exits depicting different images (army life or civilian life). This is how the animals choose their calling. Some researchers from the Resenea Faction and from the Khareni civilization object that this is no more than a random event, in which the animal tries to find a way out; but this claims are ignored by the Exiled, knowing how their beasts work.

The rite of Service for Thinkers, on the other hand, comes out with two main parts: an Aptitude test, and a Choice test. The Aptitude test is meant to understand the abilities of a given individual, in which they can determine the capacity of said individual. This is helpful because it can weed out possible subjects that cannot perform a task they would like to. In case of impossibility due to physical constrains a simple implant could suffice –most of the time- but if more brain power is required a surgery to implant a processor would be the way to go.

The Choice test, is the one in which the individual, after carefully being informed of all the possibilities, chooses one of the available jobs. These jobs presented are those that are available; those which are in need of workforce at the Choice. One cannot join a job already filled with the required workers.

Once the work is chosen, every worker would be rewarded in the same fashion as their brothers and sisters, there is no economic class. Just the one.

Quarters and living areas are specific to the batch an Exiled was born to. Same age Exiled would live in the same area.

Beyond that, most of the ideas and cultural differences are still too young to be totally established and described.