Exiled Insight Nº3 the Mechanics, Minions and Leviathans

Today we are going to discus the Mechanics, and the Beasts.

The Mechanics are byproducts of the Drone conceived with the idea of maintenance and also as caretakers of the evolutionary paradigm taking place. While the Beasts where conceived with a support role in mind.

They were ordered around by the drone to keep the labs clean, to build, to maintain, and to fulfill every aspect that an intelligent being could. They were always rather small in size, but this never meant they were not bright and witty. They were, after all, under the control of the Drone. With its destruction, the Mechanics came to reality in a rush, they suddenly woke up from a non-existence, but with brains teeming with knowledge.

Once the brief realization, that they were free, ended they were put to the test on how to save the fleeting civilization of the Exiled.

They were the one that made the evacuation of all the race, through the tunnels built by the Leviathans. Even though they saved their civilization as a whole, they could not understand that different pockets of leadership would emerge. These leaders began creating their own ways of command and structure, which finally meant the schism of the Exiled into multiple states.

Today Mechanics fulfill their rolls as the faction’s engineers, and tinkerers. They are also employed in the art of war, some of them going to the front as the Alchemists or even manning vehicles and artillery units like the Eradicator.

They mostly don’t meddle in politics or faction problems, they just enjoy their freedom. They do follow their leaders, and even some of them have become leaders, but generally speaking a Mechanic is happy with his gadgets and with his work.


Biology of the Mechanics:

Small in size, when paired against the Exiled, they measure around 60 to 80 cm. They are humanoid in shape and walk on two legs, with two upper limbs, the arms. The arms end in hands which vary in the amount of total fingers: from 3 to five total fingers, they always have an opposable thumb. Their head is a bit larger in order to house their massive brain. With a varying amount of eyes, depending on the Mechanic in question, they can have between 2 up to six eyes. These are more or less like the ones on the Exiled, beady looking and filled with the color of the iris. They were created to operate in an environment filled with Carbon dioxide and methane gas, which translates in why they must wear masks most of the time; those who don’t probably underwent bionic replacements with a specialized lung.

As you can see amputation of a limb is not an issue even for the Mechanics. This is a rather common practice amongst the Race as a whole. This is meant to replace damaged limbs or to specialize someone in a specific role.

One of the few races that can actually breed in the Exiled Faction. The Mechanics come in both genders and are able to reproduce. The offspring, which usually come in pairs, tends to mature in a quick matter of time, and their lifespan is long (around 40 to 60 years). They are a sort of marsupial, therefore they “store” the offspring in special bags to continue gestation because of the small size of the womb to hold two cubs.


The Beasts

Now we will talk about the Beasts that partake in the Exiled. The two most famous are the Leviathan and the Minions. Both are animals with a better intelligence than regular livestock, but they don’t have true sentience. Created by the Drone to scavenge and to create a proper cavern system where to house the Vats (the laboratories in which Exiled where grew), these animals are now free and are an intrinsic part of Exiled society.

Leviathans were designed to create the massive tunnels that where once the home to the whole race, to move heavy objects and to be used as beasts of burden. Now, they are mostly used as beasts of war, and they are also used in the mines.

The Minions, on the other hand, were used to scavenge and to bring materials and food for the growing population. When controlled by the Drone they were little more than tools; and now Minions are seen with pride and awe, the very foundation of their society is based on their capacity to hunt, and bring the required food to the table. Granted, now the Exiled are farming and managing crops but without the minions and their training, the civilization was probably doomed.

Minions are now utilized as war hounds, with their modified genetics, and added biotic implants they can take down infantry rather easy.


Biology of the Beasts:

The Leviathan are a crossbreed with the intentions at creating a huge tunneling worm with a tool wielding animal. The work that a Leviathan would do is twofold: create tunnels big enough for facilities building, and be able to carry and place huge machinery on site.Leviathan

Almost measuring 15 meters at the tallest point. And with almost 20 meters long they are massive.

With a coarse skin covered in thick naturally occurring carbon fiber scales, these guys can tunnel through most rocks. The skin also secretes a glue that attaches to surfaces and then solidifies into a sort of concrete. This is done to avoid tunnel collapses after the worm has gone through.

The head is shaped like an edge and the horns that sprout from it are used to break down possible rocky areas, while the eyes are the same type as those found in other Exiled specimen: a thick glassy chitin covers the eyes from possible debris. The main differences is that these eyes are almost always red. They can work easily with little amount of light thanks to their infrared capability. Moreover thick hairs sprout all over the body giving the Leviathans extra sensory capacity.

You can find both sexes but as with most of the sub-races in the Exiled faction, Leviathans are sterile, and the creation of new Leviathans is a thing that takes place in laboratories. As Reptiles, the would-be-Leviathans are vat-breed and hatch from eggs. Once they are mature enough they undergo the Service rite and beginning their training for the selected lifestyle.


Minions on the other had are very different from the behemoths. For starters they are a lot smaller than the towering giants. They measure 60 cm. tops and are 40 to 60 cm. long. They are bipeds with no other limbs.

With varying amount of eyes, the same type is seen, the beady eye covered by a transparent chitin, this covers the eyes and protects it from debris. As all other Beings they DO have eyelids, but these are internal.

With no defined sex, they are totally vat-born and where created to fulfill early tasks. Now they are an intrinsic part of the Exiled livelihood.

Specially engineered to have one of the most powerful bites in the known galaxy, Minions excel at combat with light units. Moreover, they tend to hatch 4 critters per egg. Which makes them cheap, and very effective for combat use.

They have a tail which is used to grant them balanced when walking or running, this tail is thick and short.

Minions are mostly warring like, most of them choose the Military life when undergoing the Service rite.