Captains Log: Detection

Captains Log: Joreq “Xen” of Tiss Date: 01, on the First Clios of Ger Ul of the year 41

A few hours ago I was informed that the triangulation of the signal paid off. We have managed to detect the Drone on a Solar system within the wasteland.

I have already contacted Admiral Gentes Des’tel. His instructions were clear: to mobilize the fleet at a rendezvous which was pre-established. Once the fleet is fully mobilized we will scout the planet again with the Scan ships.

And the timing could not be better. Sitting idly on space is not good for the mind, my marines are restless, they are grounders, and they don’t enjoy to be “canned”.

Nevertheless, I have set course to the rendezvous I expect to reach it shortly.