4º Independent at the Game Connection and GDC.

 The unexpected, too many meetings!

Granted, I am going to a specific place were meetings occur, but I never expected to have so many of them! At the moment I have 38 confirmed meetings at Game Connection. I am super excited about that prospect!

But why so surprised?

Well, I really believe we have a good product, but my dad taught me to always expect the worse, that way you are always prepared against possible problems. Now that I see the overabundance of meetings in front of me I am super excited!

Heck, my wife is even more proud than I am. She even took me out to purchase some new shoes “because you need to look professional!” I love her, she is taking care of me by telling me what to wear and how to wear it (my fashion sense begins and ends at the first t-shirt I take out of the drawer). She is being incredibly helpful, and I am going to miss her a lot. I am blessed by her love.

What to expect

Well, now that the meeting app is “closed” (you can still invite more people to meet with you) I began with research. You see, it is very important to know who you meet.

The meeting app has some information regarding the company you’ll meet, but you can do better than that! Right now I check every single enterprise webpage, see what games they published, which clients they have, and what they are looking for.

Moreover I check who comes representing said company. For this I look them up on LinkedIn. So I have a lot of information regarding each specific Company, and those who will be gracious enough to meet up with me.

Just as an example:

Smile Gate

Shala Seo Mobile Sourcing Manager

“Passionate about innovation, technology and start-ups.”

–          We are looking to enter the Asian Market, and in doing so we need to find someone who understands that said market.

–          Localization is key to a well-placed game, this is why we wanted to meet with Smile gate, and they play as locals!

–          I know our game is not for mobile, but our idea is that if we can secure enough funding, we would like to make a good port for the game.

That is my brief pointer of Smile Gate, Shala Seo is representing them therefore I checked her LinkedIn Bios, in which she has an extract which caught my attention. You see, I treat my dev company as a startup, this translates into a very specific set of tools and ideas, which I could use to tell Miss Shala how I developed my company. This in turn could show that we have different set of skills compared to the myriad of indie-devs out there. Because in the end, you need to sell yourself!
Next, down below I wrote than what we should aim for and what to except –generally speaking- during the interview.

Of course, every interview also has a generality, because the pitch, the showcase of the product and the general answering of questions is going to happen in all of the meet-ups, but this way I can present a more specified pitch, making the possible buyer more comfortable, and more susceptible to hear me out.

Well, this will probably be my last post from Mendoza. I will try to write daily from San Francisco! I will arrive there the 12th.

Thank you for reading! And have a nice day!


Ignacio Baldini.