3º Independent at the Game Connection and GDC.

Meetings, meetings everywhere!“Gentlemen, start your engines, Meeting season is now open!”

Jesus! The meeting app! I just fell in love with it!

You see, when you go to Game Connection you need to fill your profile with information regarding yourself, the project you are taking with you, and if you are part of the company, the information regarding the company.

Once you have filled all the data (I filled mine one week before the app was opened), and the meetings are open, you surf through a menu looking for whatever you aim to meet.

We, at Bacus Studios were aiming to get in touch with Publishers, Investors, and people who could help us distribute our game. Therefore I went straight to it, and what I saw, was breathtaking. So many publishers, and so many HUGE publishers! I was in awe: Blizzard, EA, Ubisoft, Paradox (Motherfu****g PARADOX! –I love them) there where dozens of publishers.

Once the awe-struck-stun was over, I began nitpicking each company, checking what they were looking for, to see if we filled those needs. Every day more companies signed up, therefore every morning I checked the new comers and sent them invitations to meet up –if they were according to our needs, and we were according to theirs.

I saw a plethora of amazing companies and people going to this event, and what’s crazier some of them are actually meeting us! A tiny speck of an indie dev company from a South American Country, who cool is that?

Up to the moment we have more than 30 confirmed meetings (including PARADOX OMG!).

Today, march the second, marks the “closing” time of the meeting app. All those confirmed meetings will be now distributed by the same app to fit the needs of everyone.

What now?

Well, now I am researching each particular company, looking for their games (even though I already looked for them before inviting them), checking who is coming on their behalf, surfing Linkedin to know more or less about them.

I make a profile of each company highlighting the strength and weaknesses of our game, so I can pitch properly to each and every one I meet. This is what I’m currently doing!

feel free to ask questions, and please keep checking the blog, I’ll keep posting as soon as we have more things going on!

Thank you for reading!