1º Independent at the Game Connection and GDC.

A blog of an indie dev going for the first time to the Game Connection.

It all started some time ago, an association I work with (ADVA) mentioned that there was a thing called “Game Connection.” At first I totally confused it with GDC, until I googled it and understood what Game Connection was. It was the exact thing I was looking for.

A little Backtrack

You see, my indie dev studio was founded with one of my dearest friends, we made some flash games, and then tried to make a browser-based MMRTS. We worked for almost 3 years, we had all of the modules assembled but nothing placed together (we made the game without an engine or anything! Just old school coding). We finally realized –rather latter than never- that this game was going to kill our company. So the project was placed on hold, until we tried what working with an engine was about.

In two months we had a playable Alfa of a game. Yeah, engines do work! (Granted there were other factors involved but I’ll talk about that later).

One thing to consider is that I have no real education regarding game development (I am finishing my career in International Relations). At the company I manage, do PR, write Lore and many other tiny things. Without real capabilities on math and/or as an artists, I began looking information on how to be a better manager. It is here that a friend of mine educated me in the ways of the Startups. Thanks to him I began to grasp many concepts and ideas that made us grow, because of this I recommend everyone starting, should get a Mentor!

Startups are small ideas/companies which you nurture and try to get someone to invest in them. While you wait for someone to invest you do what is considered “Bootsraping”, and this being Argentina, I Boostraped the s*** out of Bacus. Up to this date, the capacity to receive funding was extremely limited. But things have changed , right now we are working to acquire some government funding.

Ironically the lack of investment worked for our advantage, because I managed to create a nice startup in which I have control, knowledge, and understand also some ideas which are cool for entrepreneurship. I am now wiser, and I believe I am better suited to deal with publishers/investors, and just in the right moment: a few weeks’ away from the Game Connection and GDC. Moreover during this period we manage to create a good model in which we sustain ourselves, while we make our games (we sell products to third parties such as Lunatick Cosmetic Labs) This is massive (if you are an indie dev you know the struggle it is to work without pay!) everyone who works with us has a salary, something I’m quite proud of.


Anyhow, once ADVA mentioned Game Connection I was hooked; if I somehow could go there, maybe I could sell our game to a publisher! Shame the ticket is so darn expensive (at that moment with a discount it was 3500 euros -yes there is a cheaper one, but If I made an investment like this I needed to go where all the big boys are going to, it increases the chances for you to mingle and create relations with possible publishers). Then ADVA comes along and mentions that a governmental organism was taking people to the Game Connection, at a fraction of the cost.

I immediately signed up.

This is when I first realized that my job as a manager, keeping the numbers clean, all the papers in order, actually worked! Because I manage to jump every single hoop the government placed in front of me, it was a breeze!

In one week I managed to sign in, and the next they gloriously answered, “Yep, Bacus Studios is good to go!”

The Outcome:

This taught me something rather important. I always thought that my role of writer/manager/joker was lackluster, that I had no real place in the game industry. This showed me that not only I am important, but also I am a critical part of this industry. Thanks to the ability to keep everything pristine (number-wise, people-wise and workplace-wise) and the fact that I managed connections made it possible for us to go to The Game Connection!

I feel awesome!

If you guys have questions, leave a comment or send me something over my Twitter Accout @Bacusan Moreover if you would like to keep reading the future updates, follow my Startups twitter: @BacusStudios


I’ll post and update in the coming days!