Steamtrix is a steam themed tile matching game with a strong emphasis in breaking the common perspective of such games and applying some new game design concepts as a twist to a well-known genre.


Balash is an educational flash game made with the purpose of training new students of video game related careers the importance of the cooperative effort of multiple disciplines at the time of making video games and as a small and fast test for project development.


“NAME™ is an action-packed cooperative shooter set within the sci-fi universe of Chronicles of the Solar Empires™. In “NAME™” you take on the role of an “ECHO”, a disembodied singular conscience that can be loaded into various combat chassis known as Sentinels.

You have lain dormant for eons, long forgotten by The Trident, the ark carrying the last remnants of your civilization. But as the link between your ships is suddenly severed, the Automated Remnant Mainframe (A.R.M.) has awoken you. Your mission: investigate The Trident’s last known location, and find out what caused the network’s disruption.

Choose your Sentinel’s loadout from an array of weaponry, special abilities, and consumable items, and join up to three other players as you discover what threat looms over your fates.