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Who we are


Bacus Studios is a video game company, an enterprise formed entirely for the love of the industry, and as the saying goes, “from gamers to gamers” we take from this phrase, and go further; because we are not here just for the fun, we are also here for the love of the art that we consider, gaming to be. The main seven people who joined together in this quest are themselves gamers, therefore we love what we do, and as a matter of fact it makes our days brighter and shinier.

We got the skills, and we got the energy, and now the drive to move forward and to create new universe and stories, to capture the imagination of our players, and to connect with them, because, in the end, that’s what a good game is about. An amazing playable story that is not only ours but yours.

We have just started, we are nothing more than a nascent enterprise, but our ideas are powerful, and we hope to achieve great things, and on our path to greatness, we would love to see you by our side.

Top down shooter concept

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